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I & D Soluciones

I & D Soluciones is a little business dedicated to development and implement informatics solutions and design to business development

Our services run through a wide range of products since business image design until develop web apps and desktop app to improve the business gestion.

A few years working we had satisfactory experiences with state and private companies, besides our frontiers have transcended to international plane, working with companies radicated at Peru and Spain.

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Historical Review

Twelve years from graduating from Vocational High School "Vladimir Ilich Lenin" we concur fortuitously in an informatics event. Each one brings experiences from previous works and one of them brings an application for a E-learning website: something new for us. The results obtained and the great work environment achieved took us to decide creating a consolidated work group to perform new projects. Thus our business was founded the February 16th, 2013.

What distinguishes us?

Although each one of us is specialized in different thematic, the final result of our work is a strong work as a team. Besides we are characterized by a close approach with the clients that allow us to make a solution personalized to his needs. Your professionalism and seriousness are defined by an exigency in recruitment of our services as a guarantee of the fulfillment of our rights and duties. The Tracing of development of our apps and its correct operation guarantees us not only its effectiveness but also our customers’ satisfaction.


Our Mission

To promote the development of enterprises, cooperatives and state business sector and non-state through advertising tools design and development of applications that help raise their management.


Our Vision

To develop national reference services in the use of ICT as tools to break the rules and create new ways of doing advertising and organizational management in companies, cooperatives and state and non-state business.


Our Objectives

To expand our work group to an enterprise dedicated to develop of informatics solutions and design for business management.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

Utilized with Versatile and Flexible Features