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It is a computer system composed of a set of customizable modules that integrate with each other and fit the individual characteristics of each of the companies. This set of applications is specially designed to automate and streamline the processes of an organization. Designed on the basis of a BPM Suite (Business Process Management) separates the business process management software and enables rapid reconfiguration of the process if necessary. It proposes combining business knowledge with software capabilities to optimize and manage business processes facilitating innovation.

Some of the modules that make up the system and which have already been implemented in different companies are: Commercial, Production Planning, Work Order, Invoicing, Reproduction and payroll costs.

We are currently developing new modules at the request of our customers: Human Capital, Transportation and Budget. The interesting thing about this system is that each company can add and / or remove modules as needed; Unlike other systems where you have to buy all the while not in use. Thus each company has its own system to suit your needs.

The experience has shown that the use of this tool in helping companies improve business organization streamline and standardize information flows. The company management can have a consolidated information on enterprise performance and make timely strategic decisions. Another significant benefit is the humanization of work and reducing errors and costs from efficiency and rational use of the resources proposed.